About Me

Hello, I'm Tyrone Van Buren, owner and lead therapist of The Agapé Touch Massage & Holistic Therapeutics, which is a holistic wellness practice that primarily specializes in three types of muscular therapy, (deep tissue massage, sports massage, and medical massage), but also offers a few spa-like services such as hot stones, foot, hand, & body scrubs, and will soon be offering body cocoons. In addition to these services, Medi-Cupping, Tuning Forks, Exercise Therapy, Facial Massages, and Nutrition & Meal Planning Consultations are also available.

As Licensed Massage Therapist & ISSA (International Sports Science Association) Certified Elite Trainer, which is a combination of a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, and a Corrective Exercise Specialist. I'm constantly learning and evolving to meet the ever growing needs of my clients. The base massages I offer are called, "Custom Therapeutic Massages" simply because there's no cookie cutter routine or one single technique used. Each session is unique to the individual based on information gathered from the intake form and during the consult before beginning the bodywork.