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Wellness Programs

Looking for a cost effective way to to experience all the therapeutic and holistic benefits of regular massages? Would a friendly reminder in the form of a program that helps you to gain and maintain a robust, effective self-care routine that positively supports a healthy wellness lifestyle interest you? Are you ready to finally see your health and wellness goals come to fruition? If you can relate to any of this, one of my wellness plans could be just what you need to get on track. So contact me to sign up today to get access to monthly services at lower rates, discounts on additional services, and member only benefits. It’s your opportunity to keep your mind, body, and spirit working in tandem the way they were meant to!

"Four Tiers of Love"

The descriptions below give a explanation of the Greek "Love" term assigned and detail how each program works and the benefits it includes. You will see that there is a tier to fit every budget, but if there isn't one that works for your unique situation, contact me and I will personally customize one to fit your needs. Remember don't let pain, stress, or anxiety, or anything in between rule your life when you can relax, renew, and revive it!

Ludas (Playful Love)

Ludus is that feeling we have when we go through the early stages of falling in love with someone, e.g. the fluttering heart, flirting, teasing, and feelings of euphoria. It's the playfulness in love that is an essential ingredient which is often lost in long-term relationships. Yet playfulness is one of the secrets to keeping the childlike innocence of your love alive, interesting and exciting. So like a new love, this tier has minimal commitment and is suited for the member that wants to stay on target with single monthly massage. Choose a 30, 60, 90, or 120 minute massage, at 10% off per session. 

Duration Price
30 minutes $45.00
60 minutes $90.00
90 minutes $135.00
120 minutes $180.00

Philautia (Self Love)

The Greeks understood that in order to care for others, we must first learn to care for ourselves. This form of self-love is not the unhealthy vanity and self-obsession that is focused on personal fame, gain and fortune. Instead, "philautia" is self-love in its healthiest form. It shares the Buddhist philosophy of “self-compassion” which is the deep understanding that only once you have the strength to love yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin, will you be able to provide love to others. You can't share what you do not have and the only way to truly be happy is to find that unconditional love for yourself. So as the name implies, this level gives members the opportunity to indulge themselves a bit more as their love for massage and the devotion to self-care grows. Choose your choice of two 30, 60, 90, or 120 minute massage, at a discount of 15% off the regular price.

Duration Price
30 minutes $85.00
60 minutes $170.00
90 minutes $255.00
120 minutes $340.00

Mania (Obsessive Love)

Mania love is the kind of love that leads to madness and obsessiveness stemming from an imbalance between "Ludas" (Playful love) and "Eros" (Erotic love). To the individual, love itself is a means of being rescued or reinforcing their own value. Manic love is wanting to love and be loved to find a sense of self-value. Because of this, individuals can become possessive and jealous lovers, feeling as though they desperately “need” their partners. Therefore, this tier allows the individual that's completely obsessed with massage to indulge in it weekly. This tier gives a discount of 25% off which basically gives you one free massage per month!

Duration Price
30 minutes $150.00
60 minutes $300.00
90 minutes $450.00
120 minutes $600.00

Storge (Familiar Love)

Storge closely resembles "Philia" in that it is a love without physical attraction, storge is primarily to do with kinship and familiarity. Storge is a natural form of affection that often flows between parents and their children, and children for their parents. However, storge love can even be found among childhood friends that is later shared as adults. With that concept in mind, this tier gives members the opportunity to share the awesome benefits of massage with a friend, family member, or loved one in a monthly couple's massage. Choose from a 30, 60, 90, or 120 minute couples massage and get 20% off.

Duration Price
30 minutes $95.00
60 minutes $140.00
90 minutes $220.00
120 minutes $260.00

All members get 50% off of all add on services, discounts on gift cards, and all unused credits rollover from month to month until membership is either canceled or terminated. Click here to sign up today and begin your personal wellness journey.