Wellness Programs

Looking for a cost effective way to to experience all the therapeutic and holistic benefits of regular massages? Would a friendly reminder in the form of a program that helps you to gain and maintain a robust, effective self-care routine that positively supports a healthy wellness lifestyle interest you? Are you ready to finally see your health and wellness goals come to fruition? If you can relate to any of this, one of my wellness plans could be just what you need to get on track. So click here to sign up today to get access to monthly services at lower rates, discounts on additional services, and member only benefits. It’s your opportunity to keep your mind, body, and spirit working in tandem the way they were meant to!

"Six Tiers of Love"

The descriptions below detail how each tier of my wellness programs work and the benefits they include. You will see that there is a tier to fit every budget, but if there isn't one that works for your unique situation, contact me and I will personally customize one to fit your needs. Remember don't let pain, stress, or anxiety, or anything in between rule your life when you can relax, renew, and revive it!

Ludas (Playful Love)

Like a new love this tier has minimal commitment and is suited for the member that may be short on time. A quick focused massage to target your needs can be totally beneficial. For only $50 a month get one 30 minute massage each month and pay only $35 for each additional 30 min massage.

Pragma (Committed Love)

The practical suggestion of at least one full body massage a month is fulfilled on this level. Get one 60 minute massage per month for only $75 and pay only $50 for each additional massage.

Philautia (Self Love)

As the name implies, this level gives members the opportunity to indulge themselves a bit more and the love for massage grows. For only $120 you get one 90 minute massage per month and pay only $80 for each additional massage.

Storge (Family Love)

As a client/therapist relationship grows a family-like bond is formed. Get one 120 minute massage for only $150 per month and pay only $105 for each additional massage.

Philia (Friendly Love)

The friendship tier gives members two opportunities.The first is to take advantage of an additional massage being built in to the plan, or bring a friend and make it a monthly couple's massage. For $155 a month get two 60 minute massages and pay only $50 for each additional massage.

Mania (Obsessive Love)

Completely obsessed massage you get to indulge yourself as much as you want. There's also the added benefit of having the same options as the previous tier. Get two 90 minute massages per month for $240 and pay only $80 for each additional massage.

All members get 50% off of all add on services, discounts on gift cards, and all unused credits rollover from month to month until membership is either canceled or terminated. Click here to sign up today and begin your personal wellness journey.